Nothing we do in life is wasted

If someone else can do it then so can I!

EbbaProduct Manager

With the help of Felicity's career coaching sessions, I was able to work through issues and obstacles in my everyday work which helps me to realize the way I can optimize and effectively balance my responsibilities and delegate. I am very fortunate to have met Felicity at the point in time when I needed guidance the most and I am incredibly grateful for her experiences and techniques that she used to guide me through the issues at hand.

TijanaPerformance Management Professional

Felicity is very attentive and supportive, and the customer care is impressive (flexibility, comprehension, providing additional services). Her style is direct and to the point but in a very smooth way, so that the person in front of her remains comfortable even when confronted with unexpected. She uses different techniques and transitions from one to the other in a natural way, securing the flow of the session. In addition, Felicity conducts the meetings with the intention to support, making the time spent with her counts 100%. If asked to select one element to specifically point out, it would be the role-play. It has been beneficial for me resulting in a list of particular elements to focus on in the future.

I recommend sessions with Felicity to anyone who is /wants to assess his or her way forward in the professional life, regardless of the career stage or the level of the awareness about what to do next.